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Operational Excellence

“Our ability to learn, and translate that learning into action, evaluate it again without prejudice and improve – that is how we reach operational excellence.” – George Vadakken, Manager, Environment and Asset Management, McMaster University

Facility Services keeps our campus safe, clean, well-maintained, and beautiful. This essential work creates optimal spaces to study, research, and work. This strategic driver is all about striving for continuous improvement, responsible financial stewardship, measuring our performance, standardizing processes, and telling our story.

Maintain Campus & Buildings

We will enhance our deferred maintenance plan and develop clear service levels to meet campus expectations. We will communicate and measure performance metrics consistently across Facility Services (ie Key Performance Indexes). 

To achieve this theme, we will monitor, coordinate and communicate the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the Department. We will review existing plans and develop a communication strategy for the campus community.

Wil Stuart, Locksmith at McMaster University, continued to provide prompt service while working safely on campus throughout the pandemic.
“Change can be for the better and I embrace it.” – Andrea Wilson, Accounts Payable Clerk. Andrea helped invoice processes become digital during the pandemic.

Financial Resources

Develop a financial model to meet campus expectations and actively participate in real estate strategy.

Facility Services has the responsibility of ensuring our finances are sustainable and this will be achieved by proactive evaluation of our financial models.

Information Management and Standardized Processes

Information management is integral to operational excellence. To improve our information management capacity, Facility Services will develop service level agreements and formally capture our processes.

We will evaluate and develop information management systems that ensure access and retention of departmental information. We will identify, develop and document standardize operating procedures across Facility Services.

Elliott Jeyaseelan, facility technology administrator supports Facility Services’ many information technology needs.

Branding and Reputation

Develop an external communication strategy that positions McMaster’s Facility Services as future innovative leaders.

Facility Services team members do essential work and they are appreciated by the McMaster community. This is a story of a team that helps make campus safer during uncertain times and builds exciting new spaces that inspire innovation and a sense of community. We will share our stories and improve our team’s brand.  

Jen Rubioa, operating engineer, is part of the team that keeps McMaster’s utilities running. She is also involved in Techsploration, a mentor-led program that provides young women with an opportunity to learn about engineering, science, technology and trades related fields.

Collaboration and Continuous Improvement

Use seamless and innovative technology to spur interdepartmental project coordination. Focus on continuous improvement

We will develop plans to increase project coordination across Facility Services and increase operational efficiency based on data and customer feedback.

“Welcoming students and staff to campus every day is a big part of why the Parking Services team is here. When more people arrive on campus, they will bring an amazing energy with them that I’m really looking forward to seeing again.” – Amanda Gillespie, Parking Services. Featured in a story about how Facility Services’ team members helped prepare campus to open during the pandemic.

Responding with operational excellence

Facility Service’s operational responsiveness has always been an asset to McMaster University.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence told us the virus is primarily transmitted by droplets and aerosols in the air. This information was top of mind when it came to developing our campus ventilation plan, which continues to evolve with the latest evidence.

The Utility Services team’s role involved help keeping McMaster’s community members safe by implementing the university’s ventilation plan. The details of this plan were shared on our university’s website, social media and in town halls.

Joe Porco, an HVAC controls mechanic on the Utility Services team, is assessing systems as part of McMaster’s ventilation plan.